A-New Residents
B-Login Problems
  • chevron_rightI am a registered user, but I have forgotten my password.
    Go to the Login page, enter you User name (usually your primary email address) then click the Forgot Password link. Your password will then be emailed to you usually within a few minutes. Only the Avalon website hosting company can perform this function. Members of the Board of Directors have neither the knowledge of user passwords nor the authority to administer them.
    If you have further questions, please submit a query to the Web Site Administrator on the Contact Us page and please provide your phone number.
D-Animal Control
  • chevron_rightI am having a problem with my neighbor's pet running loose and / or barking in the neighborhood.
    Dogs are supposed to be leashed or fenced while outside.  Barking dogs should be restrained as a courtesy to fellow neighbors.

    The Board of Directors does not have the authority to police violators, but individual homeowners may report incidents to the Baldwin County Animal Control office in Summerdale (251-972-6834). Alabama's Leash Law requires all dogs to be "under the control" of their owners at all times. 

    We ask all residents to be considerate of their neighbors by keeping pets on a leash and cleaning up behind them.
E-Maintenance / Trash / Recycling
  • chevron_rightIs approval required for any additions or changes to my home or yard?
    In accordance with the Avalon Restrictive Covenants, it is required that any homeowner who is considering improvements (additions, modifications, etc.), first submit an ACC Improvement Request form.
    The form can be found on the Documents page.
  • chevron_rightWhere can I find a replacement for my mailbox or pole?
    Mobile Lumber, 25847 Friendship Rd, Daphne, AL 36526, (251) 626-6993 is a supplier for the Vandalet Mailbox Co. 
    Mobile Lumber has the pattern used for Avalon mailbox poles on file.  Call for current prices.
    Orders may take 7 - 10 days to be filled.
  • chevron_rightExcess Yard Trash Pick-Up
    If you have your garbage collected by Baldwin County Solid Waste they will also be the ones to pick up branches or any other excess yard waste you have.
    Normal garbage and trash pick-up day is Wednesday, but you should call 990-4621 to schedule a pick-up of excess yard waste. Let the operator know you want to schedule a pick up of yard waste and she will connect you to that office or take the information herself.  Once they get your information, someone will call back to verify the pick-up day and time.
    More infomation is available here: Baldwin County Solid Waste
  • chevron_rightRecycling Choices
    Daphne does not offer curb-side recycling for our subdivision.  However, the Daphne Recycling Center is only 4.6 miles away.
    Recycling bins are available 24-7-365 and are marked for paper, cardboard, plastic (recycle #'s 1-7), aluminum and steel cans, clear glass, colored glass and kitchen grease.
    More detail information about the Daphne Recycling Center can be found here.
    Fluorescent light bulbs (all sizes) can be taken to Lowe's on Hwy 181 at Hwy 90.
F - HOA Board Meetings
  • chevron_rightHow often does the Board meet?
    The Board tries to meet at least once a month.  If needed, we vote on urgent items via email.
    HOA members are always welcome to attend Board meeting if desired to bring ideas, opinions, issues, etc. before the Board for discussion.  We ask that you contact the President prior to any meeting for the sake of the agenda.  Meeting dates are posted on the Avalon Calendar.