Welcome, New Residents
The Avalon Homeowners Association welcomes you to Avalon! Our goal is to support the residents of Avalon and help new residents by providing as much information as possible to help them transition into their new home.
If the HOA Board has not already contacted you, please let us know who you are. You may use the Register link to set up a free account or you may use Contact Us page to ask questions related to several topics of interest.
Registering as a user has many advantages for HOA members; receiving emails about HOA meetings and events, viewing contact information about other Avalon residents, viewing past Board meeting minutes and viewing important HOA documents. We try to use email and the website as the primary means of communication for HOA members.
If you are new to the Daphne area, there are several links which you may find helpful:
The Avalon HOA Annual Meeting is normally held on the first Friday in December. We may also convene a mid-year meeting (June) if needed.
For information about the annual HOA dues, please contact the Treasurer on the Contact Us page.
We hope you find this web site interesting and useful. We consider it a perpetual work in progress so feel free to contact the Website Administrator on the Contact Us page with any suggestions for changes or improvements.
Thank you,
Avalon Board of Directors